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    Publish time 2023-09-21 18:04    

2.4Ghz Module with SPI interface


Working Frequency: 2400-2438M, 125 working channels, compliance with international general ISM regulations.

FSK/GSK modulation.

Support 2M high speed data transmission, reduce transmit time, reduce average power consumption.

Automatic retransmission function, fast airborn transmission and start time, that reduces the average power consumption greatly.

Automatic answering function, after receiving the valid data, the module sends the response signal automatically without programming.

Built-in CRC erro detection and point to multipoint communication control.

Packet transmission error counter and carrier detection function can be used for frequency hopping settings.

It can set the six channel address simultaneously,can open the receiving channel selectively.

Automatically store unreceived data package of acknowledgement signal.

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