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  •  Inno Technologies Co.,Ltd is a leading hi-tech company providing RF hardware products and network solutions of Smart Sensing Networks with unique features and superior reliability. 
    Our hardware product portfolio includes a full range of ISM and Zigbee RF transceiver modules. These modules feature the lowest power consumption or highest link budget in the industry and have been widely used by customers in petrochemical, hydraulic power, electrical power industry. 
    Inno owns the proprietary IP of  WEM-A-an innovative multi-band wireless communication networking system, which established a complete IOT architecture and provides the end to end network services. The entire network is composed of intelligent service center based on Linux, multi-layer network transport protocols, smart mesh network based on Multi-hops Time Synchronization Protocol (MHTS) and scalable embedded smart nodes. It realizes a stable data communication of wireless nodes through the leading edge RF modules (nodes and concentrators), random hopping access protocol, self-healing network protocol and auto-adaptive data transportation modeling technology. The smart mesh network in WEM is IP compatible (6LoWPAN) network, while every node is 802.15.4 complied. It features patented dynamic power balance algorithm to ensure the lowest power consumption of each node, including mobile node powered by a tinny battery for harsh long time. 
    Inno is the authorized IDH of TI, ADI, and Nordic. and registered in Hongkong.  We will keep trying hard to innovate and help customers to succeed in the IOT era.  

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  • Address:West Block of Wanyuan Building, Space Road, Futian District
    Zip Code:518055
    Tel :0755-82795774
    Fax :0755-23481852
    URL :www.innocellent.com


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