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    Publish time 2023-09-21 17:32    

433mhz FSK Module with SPI interface


1. Center frequency is 433MHz, can work in 410-480MHz range 

2. The maximum output power is up to 20dBm 

3. High RX Sensitivity 

4. FSK, GFSK modulation, programmable control 

5. Programmable bit rate 0~250kbs, programmable configuration 

6. Independent 64 byte TX/RX data buffer 

7. Low power consumption, RX current < 4ma (AGC Off) 

8. Low power work mode, power consumption < 0.3uA 

9. WOR fuction can set standby and transmission modes and switch time to reduce power consumption. 

10. Power supply voltage: 2.2 ~ 3.6V DC 11. Support FIFO and Direct two data transmission mode

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