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    Product description

    SF201 application capacitance sensing technology, and the surface coating to enhance hardness and antistatic ability.

    Built-in class a digital converter can be read directly by using the SPI interface MCU to converted the fingerprint image data, no need to plus any circuit.

    Fingerprint image by pixel array induction through the signal amplifier, a/d converter, and subsequent digital processing in order to obtain clear fingerprint images.Ratio by adjusting amplifier and a/d converter reference voltage, can do adjustment according to image quality, to adapt to the different characteristics of dry wet finger.

    In addition, within the working frequency and SPI interface frequency can be adjusted according to the requirements to do.

    Product characteristics

    Spatial resolution 508 DPI

    2D sensor array of 208x288 pixels

    Active sensing area 10.4 mm x 14.4 mm

    Build-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing image

    Build-in programmable voltage reference

    High speed SPI interface (SPI Mode0 only)

    0.07 sec read out time per frame

    128-byte on-chip data FIFO

    2.6Volt ~ 3.6Volt for I/O communication

    Windowing function to crop image smaller than 208x288 pixel area size

    Finger detection function to detect finger put on sensor

    Interrupt pin to wake up host when finger on sensor

    IP 67 approved

    Product application

    Entrance guard system/all kinds of safety devices


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