Bacon-Scented Alarm Clocks
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  • I tell you, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Do you recall my recent blog Bacon, Beerfest & Prognostication Engines? Well, my chum Jay just sent me a link to an Oscar Mayers' sponsored website boasting an alarm clock that wakes you with the scent of bacon and the sound of it sizzling on the stove. This website has the rather tantalizing URL of

    This is not a cheap production by any stretch of the imagination. You start off by watching a video that is billed as "A Bacon Awakening Beyond Your Wildest Imagination." Now, I have a pretty wild imagination, but I have to admit that the video is really rather good.

    You now go to the "Get The Device" page, where you see the message "Transform Your iPhone into a Bacon Scent Alarm Clock." There's even a little animation showing you what this will look like.

    From here you click a link that invites you to "Apply for a chance to get the device" (another link invites you to "Download the free app from the iTunes store").

    Of course I couldn’t resist! I tried applying and was informed that, unfortunately, this was not to be my day. In fact, I was presented with another video featuring Phil Roudenbusch, whose job title is Oscar Mayer Bacon Cut & Design Chief (and I thought my job title was cool). In dulcet tones, Phil explained how deeply sorry he was personally that I hadn’t won this time, but he reassured me that I was welcome to try again. (You really should take the tame to watch this video -- it makes you feel good about losing.)

    All in all it was a lot of fun, but I am left wondering if the bacon scent attachment really does exist, or whether it's just a cunning ruse to gain my attention (in which case it worked admirably). What do you think? Is this real, or am I just a sucker for all things bacon?

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