ON Semiconductor Wins Automotive Industry Energy Efficiency Award
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  • ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), driving energy efficient innovations, has won an Energy Efficiency Award for its NCV898031 non-synchronous single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC)/boost controller in the Technology category of the 2014 Industry Development and Innovation Awards program sponsored by Automobile & Parts, one of China's top automotive publications.

    With a fixed switching frequency of 2 megahertz (MHz), the NCV898031 almost doubles the frequency performance offered by competing devices on the market. The higher frequency operation of this device allows it to be used with smaller and lower cost inductors and output capacitors, thereby lowering the overall cost and saving board space. Thanks to its protection mechanisms and wide voltage range, the NCV898031 is highly optimized for use in automotive applications, such as instrumentation clusters and infotainment systems.

    "This award from Automobile & Parts underlines our position as the semiconductor industry's foremost innovator in energy efficiency," said Jim Alvernaz, vice president of the Automotive Products Division at ON Semiconductor. "It also echoes our continuous efforts to develop energy-efficient products and solutions for our automotive customers, helping them achieve a competitive edge. It is a welcome recognition, for the second year running, from one of China's most respected industry publications."

    Covering a wide input voltage range of 3.2 volts (V) to 40 V, the NCV898031 controller uses peak current mode control with internal slope compensation. It has a built-in regulator that supplies charge to the gate driver, plus a 1.2 V ±2% reference voltage. Protection features include internally-set soft-start, under-voltage lockout, cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. The AEC-qualified NCV898031 can cope with a 45 V load dump and has an operational temperature range of −40 °C to 150 °C. In addition, its low sleep-mode current of typically 10 microamperes (µA) helps to keep the total ignition off quiescent current budget to a minimum.

    Automobile & Parts is one of China's most respected industry publications, considered a staple source by the local automotive industry. The magazine's awards program consists of four categories: Technology, Companies, People and Research. The awards aim to identify and recognize outstanding products, company performance and technical innovation.

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